--How much weight can this desk hold?

It can hold up to 25 pounds.

--Can I use it for laptop, computer, and tablets?

Yes, absolutely.

--What are the dimensions your best selling desk with mouse pad and cooling fan?

The best seller product with 2 cooling fans and detachable mouse pad as follows;

The tray is 16.5 (42 cm) W X 10.75 (27.5 cm) D, with a 1/2 inch ( 1 cm) lip so it can be at any angle you can adjust it the way you like it too,
the removable mouse tray, which can be slipped into a notch on either side of the keyboard tray, is 5.75 (14.5 cm) W x 6.25 (16 cm) D.
The height is adjustable as well up to 18 inches

--Can you lie flat on your back and attach your laptop to it such that you can work lying down?

Yes, you can position it to do most anything and it is so easy to do.

--Does fans making a sound while working?

No fans are extremely working quite.

Please note some desks has no cooling fans, so please check the product page that you would like to buy.

--How wide is between two legs?

Inside of two legs is 17 inch (43 cm) and outside of legs is 19 (49 cm) inches.

--I like to read books & iPad while lying in bed my head on the pillow and not lifting my neck.Will this stand's angle suitable for this?

Yes, it has a large variety of adjustment options.

--How easy is it to adjust the height as I plan to use this to switch between sitting and standing position throughout the day?

Very easy, just have to make 2 or 3 steps per leg, depending on the initial position you choose.

 --What is the refund policy? 

We have 30 days money back guarantee. We can happily accept our product.

(customer pays the return shipment in USA store)* 

*Please note our product should be in good condition, and not damaged, we will refund your payment.

--Where are the products will be shipping from?

All products will be shipped from our several warehouses in the USA, rarely, it might be from our factory in China.

--Are you able to ship all over the world?

Currently, e are shipping in USA only, some of the countries might be eligible for international shipping. Please see at the checkout page if your country eligible.

--Do you use the Pinterest tag for tracking?

Yes, we are using the Pinterest tag, a conversion tracking pixel for better understanding our customers.